A Mouth-watering and Sumptuous Feast

Angliss Guangzhou and Master Jerry Shen, General Manager (Meat Business Development) of Angliss Greater China, have recently organised a culinary tour to showcase a wide range of Angliss quality ingredients.
In September and October, Angliss Guangzhou organised four food tasting tours in Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and Xiamen under the theme of “A Mouth-watering and Sumptuous Feast”. Choosing the world’s finest ingredients, the Angliss chefs excelled themselves in preparing the mouth-watering
banquets to give participants new insights and inspire culinary creativity.
In addition to showcasing quality ingredients, we also invited Master Jerry Shen, an experienced former Technical Consultant of Meat & Livestock Australia, to be our guest of honour. He has more than 30 years of professional experience in the field and is currently the General Manager (Meat Business Development) of Angliss Greater China. Master Shen carefully selected the beef knuckle, one of the most representative
parts in beef, in his cutting and cooking demonstration for clients at the event. Among the 200 or so clients invited were professional chefs from the food and beverage service industry in different regions. They listened attentively to Master Shen’s teaching and paid close attention to his superb cutting techniques.
The ingredients used in the event’s dishes include beef and lamb from New Zealand’s Silver Fern Farms, Iberico pork from Spain, Rosedale Ruby beef from Australia, M Chefs’ duck liver, Clearwater scallops from Canada, Tartufi Morra from Italy, Livia olive oil from Italy and New Zealand Natural’s ice cream from New Zealand. This exciting event was also ably supported by Tommy Lee, Executive Chef of Sheraton Guangzhou, Lee Dagang, a well-known food and drinks connoisseur in Fujian Province and Taiwan region and former Executive Chef of Le Meridien in Xiamen, Johnny Xu, Chef of Chongqing’s Xian Yu Bazaar and Zhang Mengquan, Chef of Mid-Lan Coffee.