The annual industry conference, FHC, was successfully held on November 12-14, 2014 at Shanghai New International Expo Center!

During the conference, the venue was teeming with all kinds of food product dealers, wholesalers, and distributors. Everyone displayed the “famous brands” most precious to them, conveying their rich product lines and awesome abilities to the outside world. It seems that their devotion to their brands is far greater than that of the real brand owners……

However, at Hall E6 of the conference, there was something unique! Next to the Cacao Barry World Chocolate Masters Chinese Regional Competition there was a mysterious “black box” from “Angliss,” covered in different colors……

There were always crowds at the entrance of the black box, and there were always many people standing in line! At the entrance, the handsome men and pretty women in sharp black clothing turned people’s understanding of “welcoming guests” completely on its head: Because the hall was too popular, they had to serve temporarily as smiling bouncers, saying “Thank you for your visit. Please stand in line to make a reservation for this hall……”

Immediately, everyone was wondering: What exactly is Angliss’s secret? Today, follow me as I lift the Angliss veil of mystery……

The whole exhibit hall was designed in the three colors—black, white, and gold—of the brand the new Angliss logo, and the visual effect was stunning!

Black is stable, reserved, and solemn, symbolizing the professional and strict team culture of Angliss in providing its customers the best products and services. Gold represents the social values of Angliss, namely making the most of the group’s advantages and choosing the best ingredients to provide customer service experiences that exceed the expectations of high-end restaurants, hotels, and franchise bakeries. White represents zero flaws, zero dangers and greater purity, emphasizing the fact that Angliss only provides healthy, safe, and traceable foods!

These combine to forge the core of the Angliss brand – “peace” – which represents Angliss’s devotion to finding the optimal product solutions for its customers, and its commitment to providing the best service for its customers!

If you were fortunate to enter the hall, you sensed the uniqueness of Angliss more intuitively! In the sheer artistry of six Western-style meals and desserts, you savored the carefully crafted work of Justin, Asia’s first Michelin three-star chef (specially invited by Angliss), and his team, along with the Angliss technical team.

The guests were all amazed at the gourmet seduction shining from the top foods we carefully provided! Without further ado, let’s look at the menu……

Angliss is not only a provider of food services, but is also a trailblazer, doing things in a whole new way, and providing brand new cooperative experiences! We are focused on serving our target customers, focusing finite resources on elevating service standards and creating optimal purchasing and consumption experiences for customers!

We are rooted in traditional ethical culture, and we carry forward the spirit of innovation, so that our partners can feel at ease!

This is our daily “Angliss” life!

This is the true secret of Angliss and what sets it apart!