“A Journey of French Cheese Culture” held by Angliss Guangzhou & President

France is not only the largest cheese producing country, but also the fastest “cheese consuming” country. As cheese master Laurent Pousse puts it, “Cheese can be found in every corner of France.” Understandably, cheese plays an important role in the daily life of the French. Cheese tasting is the norm in French culture, something that the Chinese consumer takes getting used to due to the strong aroma of cheese.

On 4th July, Angliss Guangzhou and Lactalis International hosted “A Journey of French Cheese Culture”, held at the W Hotel. This event served to help Chinese consumers better understand the cheese culture of France.

Famous French cheese master Laurent Pousse was invited to speak at the event, and guests were treated to a relaxing and fun time of learning about cheese through his lighthearted yet informative presentation. During the session, guests were allowed to taste cheese as they listened, much to the excitement of everyone. After the successful cheese tasting, W Hotel served up a delicious meal to all in attendance.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!