Michelin three-star chef Justin Quek’s China tour

Michelin three-star chef Justin Quek’s China tour


In October and November 2016, Angliss invited Justin Quek, the Michelin three-star chef,top French cuisine chef, to come to Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu to hold the activities, with “Just simple” as the theme of the four series of activities. Chef Justin brought the feast of visual and taste to the hundreds of well-known high-end dining and luxurious five-star hotel customers, who came from Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu.

Chef Justin used his exquisite cooking skills, with Angliss high-end ingredients, to made the food present a magic. Chef Justin showed the production process of the dishes to the guests and explained the delicacy of the production process. The chef had made and demonstrated more than twenty dishes, which feasted the guests’ eyes in four cities. He also brought sauce – Simple Chef,which developed by himself, and introduced to the guests.


Chef Justin generously shared his understanding of the use of ingredients and cooking, and he walked off the stage from time to time to interact with the guests on the spot. The lucky draw had pushed the atmosphere to a climax, Chef Justin’s signature work 《Justin Quek——Passion & Inspiration》,as the gift, was widely accepted to every guests. Everyone rushed to take pictures with Chef Justin.

The party was ended in the warm and pleasant atmosphere. The series of delicious feast had brought the customers unique memories.

Introduction of the master——Justin Quek


Justin Quek is considered the most authoritative Singapore French cooking master, proficient in classical French cooking techniques, with the natural taste of Asia. He is regarded as one of Asia’s top food masters, and he also as a leading chefs in international celebrity.

Chef Justin is repeatedly invited to all over Europe, America, Australia’s top restaurants, for the guest chef of the celebrity party. And he also had served the former prime minister of Singapore, such as Lee Kuan Yew, Goh Chok Tong and Lee Hsien Loong. He also served for China’s former President Jiang Zemin, President Akio Morita of SONY, Bill Gates and other famous people in business or polity.

In the famous gourmet entertainment in 《Chef Nicholas Tse》, Chef Justin is not only as Nicholas’ tutor, also as one of the first world-class chef purpose food consultant invited to a new season.

At present, in Singapore, Taiwan, Shanghai and other places, Chef Justin set up his own senior French restaurant, and inspired many rising stars of cooking.