Sweet Fashion

On 17 October 2017, the President brand and its sole distributor, Angliss Beijing, were honoured to have Kenji Ohashi, the father of western desserts in Japan, to lead Sweet Fashion, a sweet feast in aesthetics and gastronomy. Kenji Ohashi is the Director of the Japan Confectionery Association
and owns four stores in Japan. He has demonstrated many times at various Japanese dessert-themed events and is particularly famous for giving desserts a modern twist. He is also very familiar with the Asian dessert market. He visits China on an annual basis to act as a consultant and judge for many Bakery Schools.
All those who attended the event benefited greatly from Ohashi’s detailed explanations and wonderful demonstration. When he completed the masterpieces, clients all admired the artistry and clamoured for pictures of the desserts as well as with the master himself, capturing the best artistic skills. The crowd was really excited about this unique dessert experience and the chance to witness sweet creations with various styles.