Angliss Thanksgiving with You

On 18 October 2017, Angliss Shanghai held a delightful and sumptuous Thanksgiving dinner to welcome the upcoming festival and to say a big thank you to all partners who contributed to Angliss Shanghai’s phenomenal success.
During this dinner, our technical team designed a special Thanksgiving menu including pasta with white truffle and cheese, duck liver mousse, satay lamb leg and grain-fed beef casserole with red wine. There was a total of 25 special dishes for our valued customers to choose from, which also
served as a reference for putting together their forthcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas-themed set menus. For the drinks, entrées and desserts, the quality ingredients we used included Fabbri syrup, Boiron fruit purees, MChefs spring chickens and duck liver, De Cecco Italian pasta, Simple Chef satay sauce, Silver Fern Farms short ribs, Rosedale Ruby’s beef inside skirts, Sweet La Vie chilled cheesecake and assorted chocolates.
In addition to these dishes, we also hosted an Angliss Grocery Shop on site to showcase our wide range of products. Winners in the lucky draw were able to pick any gifts they desired out of these products, and the three winners came away with their hands full. We also prepared some Thanksgiving fortune cookies for this event. Each cookie came with a lucky message, with clients complimenting and loving the idea.
This Thanksgiving dinner not only presented Angliss Shanghai’s quality products and their versatility in various dishes, but also allowed us to express our heartfelt thanks and commitment to our clients.